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Right-Brain/Left-Brain, Who’s In Charge?

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A friend once described the difference between right brain dominant people and left brain dominant people in terms of butterflies and gardens.  Lenny the left-brain dominant butterfly is a winged creature on a mission.  If Lenny’s goal is to get from side A of the garden to side B of the garden he will warm up his wings, make a sequential list of the steps necessary to complete the task, file a flight plan, visualize himself landing on the fence post on side B of the garden and take off.  Lenny Leftbrain will keep his eye on the goal and go to the B fence post, directly to the B fence post without stopping for nectar, without pollinating.

Conversely, Rita the right-brain dominant butterfly is a little random and, quite frankly, a flight risk.  Rita will sit atop fence post A to survey the route she will take to fence post B.  Rita is more interested in getting the most from her trip than flying in a straight line with the goal of arriving in a timely manner.  Life is too short not to explore, inspect and examine every flower in the garden before arriving at her destination.  Rita tries to focus on fence post B, but the scents arising from the garden keep drawing her attention away.  The air traffic controller in tower A asks for a flight plan.

“Ah-h-h-h, B, I’m flying to B.”


“Soon.”  The controller in tower B breaks in.

”Rita, what is your ETA for B post?”

“Today, it’s definitely today.”

“Rita, what time today?”

“I don’t know, when I get there.”

Rita Rightbrain will indeed “get there” but not before she has visited every flower in the garden.

We are all born with a predisposition to be either left or right brain dominant.  We do however have some control over these mental processes.  In my own life I have found that depending on my current life work, I will lean to the left or right.  (Please note I am talking brain processes, not political stance.  That does not sway side to side.)

If I am performing a job that requires superior organizational skills, sequential tasks requiring mastery of language I will not only exhibit impeccable organization, I will test dead center between left and right brain dominance or further to the left.  If I am on my own to design tasks (or not), or involved in work that requires forming relationships between things, artistic or creative endeavors, I will test to the far right in brain function.

We’ve taken a trip to the garden to tell you, dear readers, that I have three other blog posts started this week that I intended to finish and post.  They sit as drafts with no endings because I’m still visiting flowers.  The air traffic controller in tower B has lost sight of me.  Like Rita, I have no ETA.  I’ve been listed as MIA.  Perhaps in the interim I will just send postcards from the garden.

“What did you say Katherine?”

” Oh, wow, Katherine says the calla lilies are in bloom!!”

Love those calla lilies… I think they are over in that corner…


Author: Carol R Craley

I am a former Philadelphia suburbanite who moved to Maine in 2002 ~ a former art educator ~ former school administrator ~former college and graduate school instructor ~ a writer ~an artist ~ and a photographer. I am currently mom to two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Emma and Sara and a rescued kitty from Georgia ~ so that is her name. I am inspired by nature, great music, art and writing that makes me ponder the world...

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